Funerals: There Are No Rules

Funerals. There are no rules. Well technically there is one. But I bet you thought there are more? The only rule there is, the only thing that has to happen when a person dies, is that there has to be a burial or a cremation. Seriously, everything else is optional. You don't have to have … Continue reading Funerals: There Are No Rules

Charlotte’s Mother Blessing

I was honoured to lead a mother blessing for Charlotte in the summer of 2017.  A small circle of us gathered in her garden under a bright sun.  This is the story of her blessing day in her own words. ​ ​I feel shy and overwhelmed by the positive loving attention from my friends who … Continue reading Charlotte’s Mother Blessing

To Her We Shall Return: Death and Dying in the Pagan Faith

Paganism is a largely not well known or understood faith and like a lot of minority faith groups is subject to discrimination. It is not unusual to receive abuse or even be assaulted because of people’s perceptions of our beliefs. Unfortunately those perceptions and misunderstandings pervade into death, dying and grief and as a result … Continue reading To Her We Shall Return: Death and Dying in the Pagan Faith